Kent Explorer Unit Camp 26-28th Apr 19

Lower Grange Farm Improvement Project



Are you an Explorer Scout?

Are you up for trying out new activities?Are you willing to get your hands dirty?

Are you up for improving scouts across Kent?

If the answer is yes to these then you can come along!


This will be the second time Explorers from across Kent have had the chance to join a County Explorer Unit and you are all are welcome. The camp will start on Friday 26th April 19 with arrivals from 7pm for an official start of 7:30pm , car shuttles will be available from Maidstone Train Stations if we are notified in advance. The camp will run until midday on Sunday 28th April 19 and all meals are provided from Breakfast on the Saturday through till brunch on the Sunday. Please note most districts have a St Georges Day Parade on Sunday 28th April with most starting around 2pm and we would like to actively encourage you to attend your districts St George's day event. Therefore please feel free to get picked up at a suitable time from the event to allow you to attend your district event.

The best part is the camp is free (with the proviso that the free camp is in exchange for efforts in helping improve LGF and contributions with making activities better).

The days will be made up partly of activities and partly with improvement works to Lower Grange Farm with the evenings being an opportunity to chill out and socialise with new friends.

Becoming part of the county unit and helping out with these sort of activities looks great on a CV showing future employers that you are a hardworking team player, that you are up for getting involved and give you some much needed experience to put down.  

The evenings will then allow you a chance to chill out with new and old friends with no real plan. Light a campfire if you want, toast some marshmallows, listen to some music or even play some music (if you can bring and play a guitar), play games which you are welcome to bring along. If you have been to any Kent explorer events you should be aware we have some hilarious games up our sleeves so they will probably come out. Get beaten on Rocket League by Alex or beat Alex at Fifa. 

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