Is your unit not going to Gilwell 24?

Do you have friends across the County that you want to attend with?

Do you want Kent Explorer Leaders to make your life easier sorting travel and food for you and your unit?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, feel free to sign up through Kent Explorers!

There are however 3 conditions to you attending:

There is three conditions to attending ...

  1. You have to be good
  2. You have to comply with the Kent Explorers compulsory uniform for G24 which is you have to wear a fake mustache at all times which will be supplied for you. Additional Mexican Fancy Dress is encouraged just because we think everything looks better when you put a mustache on it.
  3. You have to try to stay up for 24 hours

If you can get to one of the two pick up points (Canterbury and Maidstone) then we can take you there and bring you home as well.

For more information on Gilwell 24 visit: https://gilwell24.scouts.org.uk/


You have the option to transport yourself which of course will not lead to an additional cost (parent drop off at Gilwell Park or you can get the train) or you can travel with the Kent Explorer team and we will transport you to and from Gilwell Park via coach for a fee of 21-22 depending on departure location. The 2 departure points on Friday 12th July will be:

Wincheap Park and Ride/Morrisons, Canterbury, CT1 3TQ which will be departing at 7:00pm

Lower Grange Farm, Maidstone, ME14 3DA which will be departing at 7:45pm.

Collection will vary heavily dependent on traffic but will be aiming for around midday - 1pm. We will contact you to confirm pick up times on the day.


You have the option for Kent Explorer Leaders to cook and provide your meals at set times of the day which will include Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a basic Sunday breakfast all for 13.00. Or there is an onsite catering van which does offer hot food throughout the whole event however you will need to bring enough money to cover the cost of your food. We will provide soft drinks free of charge to all that decide to attend with us.


It is expected that you provide your own tent and sleeping equipment to allow you to attend this event or share with a friend of the same gender. We do have a very limited number of tents which are available should you not have your own tent and are unable to borrow one from a friend/scout group. There is a small charge for this option of 3 to cover the costs associated with tents and their upkeep.


All you need to do is complete the booking form which can be access by clicking here or the link below. We will then handle booking you onto the event with Kent Explorers so that we can all camp together. 4 weeks from the event we will send around an information pack which Parents/Guardians will need to complete and send a copy back to us as well as send a copy along with your young person when they attend the event.

Click Here to book now

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