Explorer Hunted 2017

Ever Seen the Channel 4 TV Series "Hunted"

A real-life thriller where 14 ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters

Royal Tunbridge Wells had their first ever "Explorer Hunted" event this weekend. 

Saturday afternoon at 1pm the Explorers in teams of 4 or 5 left Adamswell Campsite with a 10 minute head start before the Leaders were hot on their tails.

They had to get themselves to Hammer Wood Camp Site while carrying an array of objects which little did we know would become their "tag" for the weekend.

Team fence were the last to evade Groombridge while Team pioneering pole seemed to be making good progress. Leaders were hiding out ready to spot them as they made their way using various footpaths trying to get to Hammer Wood. For every time a Leader spotted an Explorer, they would lose 1 point. (2 Leaders spotting a group of 5 Explorers = 10 points). They gained points by taking photos of Leaders cars or taking photos of village signposts, transporting their object safely to the campsite, buying a Sunday newspaper, oh and they were told food would be provided... they were given an envelope of money to purchase food for dinner, breakfast and lunch the following day... which meant Leaders staked out the village shops! Team carpet were rescued and driven to camp after an epic fail of navigation, Team drain pipe weren't much better as didn't arrive at camp till nearly 10pm... Still dinner to cook, but didn't make it to a shop in time, so tent up in the dark ready to start the following day. (They had the Leaders left overs, we couldn't let them starve)!

Day 2 saw much progress and speed, but not for Team drain pipe, they had their own speed of walking and speed was not involved! The Explorers were not playing fair today either, throwing eggs at Leaders (bad shots too by all accounts), and Team chair abandoned the chair, no sorry, the wind caught it and it flew over the hedge (chair rescued and taken back in a Leaders car). Team fence made it back to Adamswell with ample time for lunch in the campsite along with Team water carrier (previously Team pioneering pole, but it had got broken and used for fire wood). 

The junction of Forest Way and High Weald footpaths in Hartfield, and Balls Green seemed to be the easiest place for spotting the Explorers, but Groombridge Place also seemed to be a profitable place for Leaders to rack up their points.

Team chair and Team sign were back at Adamswell with time to spare while Team carpet plodded along but at least they made it back! Team pipe eventually sauntered in with a minute to spare!

The results: Explorers 1209 v's Leaders 1222

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