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If you're 14-18 you can become a young leader, assisting with Scouting in a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop sharing some of the skills you've learnt.

If you are already a young leader - THANK-YOU for the contribution to Scouting you make in your local area!

As a young leader you can also go to Explorers, but even if you don't, you can still take part and get involved in Explorer Activities, including all the activities on the event pages of this website.

Training is provided for young leaders, normally within District. Factsheets and information about the various Young Leader training modules can be found here:,98

Kent Scouts also provides 2 weekends a year when we run all the young leaders training modules in 1 place. These can be found on our events pages.

The young leaders have 12 modules to complete and 4 modules and once they have completed the scheme they can be awarded a special Young Leaders Belt.

The Modules are as follows :

Module A - "Prepare for Take Off"

Module B - "Taking The Lead"

Module C - "That's The Way to Do It!"

Module D - "Kids Behaving Badly!"

Module E - "Game On"

Module F - "Making Scouting Accessible"

Module G - "Programme Plans"

Module H - "Programme Plans Plus"

Module I - "What Did They Say?"

Module J  -  "Awards and Badges"

Module K  - “First Aid Masterclass”

Young leader Missions

Child protection

To see when the next Young leader training weekend is check Young Leader Tab at the top of the page


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