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Explorer Scouts are young people aged between 14 and 18 years old.

For some its the natural progession after Scouts or Guides, for others its a first taste of Scouting. Either way you can expect a mix of activity, both mental and physical and designed to challange. Each group of Explorers, known as a Unit, will have its' own programme of activity and culture. At the heart of Explorers is the opportunity to meet people and socialise with other young people of a similar age.

Explorers differs from Scouts in that Units are normally run by the District rather than by individual Scout Groups, although each District will have its own way of doing things and Units are often sponsored by Groups.


Although each Unit and District will have its own programme, activities are also put on at a County and National level allowing Explorers to mix with others their age from a wider area.

The county runs a number of camps and activities throughout the year as well as two young leader training weekends.

The highlight of the National calendar is Gilwell 24, 24 hours of solid activity.

As well as all this, Explorers have the opportunity to complete awards including Activity badges, The Chief Scout's Award, The Queen's Scout Award, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and The Explorer Belt Award many of which are externally recognised (by potential employers, etc).

After Explorers?

It's not over once you get to 18! You can continue your Scouting by joining Kent Network, a section for 18 - 25 year olds. Network has its own range of camps, events and activities. Find out what's happening for Network in Kent at http://network.kentscouts.org.uk

Explorer Scouts
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