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  • Whittling


    Author: Alex Bates | Date: 16th October 2018

    Such a simple skill which we all did as youngsters whilst sitting around the campfire, why not bring it indoors for the winter.

    You do not even need to supply the knives given most Explorers tend to have their own, albeit poorly maintained. Bring a knife sharpener such as a Lanksy and show them knife maintenance followed by having a go at whittling one of the below items:

    ItemDifficultyStarting Wood Size
    Hedgehog WooggleEasy3cm diameter
    Cutlery SetMedium7cm wide sawn into 1-2cm thick planks
    Bear statueHard7-9cm

    All you need is wood, knives, axe, saw and a drill should you be making the woggles.

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  • Ultimate Tower Elasticband Dodge

    Ultimate Tower Elasticband Dodge

    Author: Alex Bates | Date: 14th October 2018

    Equipment needed is  a marked centre line and tables which are set about 2-3 metres back from the centre line, around 80 paper cups and about 60 elastic bands which are reasonably good to fire and a ping pong ball. Safety googles are a must plus long sleeve clothing where possible.

    Each team has the ping pong ball which is 'The Queen' which they are to build a castle to protect the queen. The queen is hidden within a cup within the fort made from paper cups. The objective is then to make the other teams queen fall off the table by firing elastic bands to destroy the castle and dislodge the queen so she falls. However when playing the rules of dodgeball come into play for the teams; if you get hit with an elastic band you are out, if your elastic band gets caught you are out and the team which caught the band can have a player return to the pitch, head shots do not count. If the team gets eliminated through the dodgeball rules the other team wins. Other rules - you are not allowed to cross the centre line, every cup needs to be part of a paper cup tower. It is advisable to have atleast 2 leaders referring, one to watch each team to tell those that get shot as they cannot always feel it.

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  • Over or Under

    Author: | Date: 20th October 2011

    Over or Under is a game that is quick and easy to organise

    Equipment :  Long piece of rope

    Time :     10 - 20 Min's

    Instructions :

    Get 2 leaders to hold the rope at opposite ends of the hall with the rope at a suitable height. Then get all the Explorers to stand one one side of the rope. Explain to the Explorers that they need to run towards the rope and either go over or under the rope without touching it depending on what the leader shouts. If the touch the rope they are out and the winner is the Explorer who manages not to touch the rope.

    You can add things to this like reversing the calls so under means over, lower and raise the rope, and maybe move the rope like a skipping rope and get the Explorers to pass through.

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