Gaint Pool Match

1st January 2012

Giant Pool Match is a team game where you turn your hall into a giant Pool Table.

Equipment :  2 Broom Handles (Cues), 
   6 Buckets (Pockets),
   2 Footballs in different Colours (1 is Cue Ball) 

Time :     10 - 20 mins

Instructions : 

Put the buckets out in your hall like they would be on a Pool table and put the cues and balls in the centre or your "pool table". Divide your unit into 2 teams and Number team off. You then call out a number and the 2 team members with that number run out and grab a cue. Staying on their hands and knees they have to compete against each other and try to pot the coloured ball. The person who pots the coloured ball first gets a point. Each team member has a go and the team with the most points wins. You can add extra rules like taking turns or first person there takes first shot or you can do this outside in the summer.



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